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Daidōji (大道寺) is a playable character of the Senran Kagura series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls.


A legendary senior who returns to Hanzō every year during the graduation period. In the past, she was Rin's underclassman, and the two would spar together regularly. Master Kiriya noted that while Daidōji was stronger than Rin, she was unable to beat her senior due to Rin's unyielding nature.

Daidōji swore that she would one day make Rin admit defeat, but the chance never came. Shortly after Rin graduated, it was reported that she died while on a mission. The news devastated Kiriya, but Daidōji somehow knew that Rin was alive somewhere. She now patiently bides her time in anticipation of her final rematch with her senior; the fateful day that will be her true graduation exam.

Other Appearances


  • She appears as a guest character in Uppers, a 3D beat-em-up for the Vita developed by Marvelous. [1]



  • Daidōji's name literally means "Large Temple Road".
  • Daidōji's outfits evoke the archetype of how Japanese middle and high school delinquents are often portrayed in anime and manga. Her Ninja Turnover outfit is a tattered gakuran, like that of the stereotypical banchou; while her normal appearance resembles the sukeban style.
    • Her design bears particular resemblance to Jotaro Kujo from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure; her color palette, long coat, large golden accessories and torn hat meshed with her hair specifically evoke his take on the delinquent look. She also shares his often stoic and gruff temperament.
  • The kanji on the back of her gakuran reads ikki tō'oku (一騎当億, "one-man army"). Normally the idiom is written ikki tōsen (一騎当千), roughly translating as "one horseman standing up to a thousand men", but Daidōji's phrase replaces the last kanji with oku (億), changing it to "one horseman standing up to a hundred million men".
  • In Guren no Hebi it is revealed she has had (and possibly still has) feelings for her teacher.
  • When she was a junior, her abdominal muscles weren't as developed. This is particularly evident in the anime when she fought Rin and lost before being lectured by the latter.


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