Crimson Lotus 紅蓮 (Guren) is one of Homura's Ninja Arts that appears throughout the Senran Kagura series.


Deep Crimson

Crimson Lotus DC

(Homura's Level 3 Ninja Art. Requires 3 ninja art scrolls to use.)

While in Crimson form, Homura places her nodachi between her teeth and takes hold of her sheathed katana. She then draws them all at once and begins to slice the air as she moves towards her opponent. Each strike is covered in a fiery blaze that erupts with each blow. The final strike is dealt with her nodachi; returning the six katana to their sheaths as she brings forth Engetsuka for one final, explosive strike.

Estival Versus

Crimson Homura Estival Versus

(Homura's Ultimate Secret Ninja Art. Requires 5 Ninja art scrolls to use.)

In ESTIVAL, Crimson was replaced with a completely different ninja art and is now the Ultimate Secret Ninja Art in this game. While bearing similarities to that of her Crimson for in Shinovi Versus, Homura is able to maintain this form much longer. She is also given the ability to run freely, allowing her to adapt to terrain more efficiently. She is still invincible in this state so be wary not to get too close.


  • Notably, while this ninja art is simply a transformation, she gains access to an attack that bears a strong resemblance to the Lotus ninja art in SHINOVI VERSUS.
  • The name of this Secret Ninja Art, (along with Asuka's Portrait) is likely a reference to Senran Kagura Burst: Crimson Girls, a.k.a (Guren-no-Shoujotachi), the game where Homura first became playable.

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