• Feinoha

    Hello just wanted to make a post for those who might not be up to date with the news about this game. Fairly recently (as of October 2018) Sony has decided that a mini-game has to be cut from the western releases of the PS4 version of the game. The Steam version will still have the removed content intact, so if this important to you, you might consider buying the Steam version of the game and/or complaining to Sony.

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  • Chrislee93
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  • 785081

    I'd love to see a Manyuu Hikenchou crossover with the Senran Kagura franchise I'd love to see the girls of Senran Kagura run for their lives and try to keep their tits from being deflated and stolen from the manyuu clan and I'd love to see haruka rin dadoji katsuragi have their big massive tits deflated down to the breast size of mirai

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  • FlexingRacksThoughUpInCastles

    I jusr really like some of the characters appereances and putting them in hyperlocal scernarios. I also like to pop up and edit out grammatical mistakes sometimes.

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  • TwinTails100

    I'm back, I guess.

    November 15, 2017 by TwinTails100

    Hey everyone, I decided to log in for a bit and see how the wiki's been. Did any new admins show up? I remember three when I last logged in. I've been away for a while so I pretty much forgot how to promote users to admin status, though I could easily just look it up. A lot has changed since then, both this wiki and Wikia. How's site traffic been going?

    And for any new users, if you've ever received a pm from me when making an edit, it's a bot. 🤣

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  • FeruEnzeru

    When i was on Google this night, i looked at a GIF of Katsuragi doing a "Hue hue hue" a few minutes ago.

    I think some of the scenes from the first to last episodes of the anime were probably cut from the Japanese version of the 2013 anime since i've finished watching the series at like July or August.

    I think my problem is... that i think i watched a cut version of the JP version of the anime last months ago. 0_0

    I feel like i'm maybe unpleased for this.

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  • FeruEnzeru
    • Hanzou Girls Academy
    1. Alexis Tipton (Ikaruga)
    2. Bill Brooks (Hanzou)
    3. Brittney Karbowski (Katsuragi. Let Katsu, Yuu and her be in street clothes time. :3)
    4. Bryn Apprill (Yagyuu)
    5. Felecia Angelle (Asuka)
    6. Martha Harms (Daidouji)
    7. Megan Shipman (Hibari)
    8. Philip Weber (Kiriya)

    • Homura Crimson Squad
    1. Kara Edwards (Hikage)
    2. Lara Woodhull (Mirai)
    3. Monica Rial (Homura)
    4. Teri Rogers (Haruka)
    5. Trina Nishimura (Yomi)

    • VAs of Antagonists
    1. Phil Parsons (Dougen)
    2. Scott Freeman (Murasame)

    • VAs of Other Characters
    1. Anthony Bowling (Komichi)
    2. Brian Mathis (Ikaruga's Father)
    3. Kent Williams (Narrator)
    4. Lydia Mackay (Suzune/Rin)

    • VAs for Additional Voices
    1. Alex Moore
    2. Andrea Freyberg
    3. Barret Nash
    4. Ben Philips
    5. Brandon Potter
    6. Brittany Kramer
    7. Cris George
    8. Jarrod Greene
    9. Jerry Jewell
    10. Michelle Lee
    11. Morgan Garret
    12. Patrick Seitz (…

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  • SkarMC

    In the Anime, the scroll of Yin is black but the scroll of Yang is green. How come it's not white I've been wondering this for a while.​

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  • Chrismh

    Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni-

    August 31, 2016 by Chrismh

    I'm sorry of the community is a bit picky about topics outside of the series or not, I'm never here long enough to find out anything XD I found out about this strange game just recently while browsing through Amazon. While looking at the pictures I suddenly realized, "wait, why does this look familair to me?"

    As it turns out, the people who made Senran Kagura made this game. The description says its supposed to be even more "adult-like", but I can't really find anything on it. I am a bit curious in it though, cause it sounds fun and the art is really cute.

    Anyway, I wanted to write this topic because I was hoping maybe someone else here may have known something about it. And if you didn't know about it now you did, you can find some pics and…

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  • Theta444

    Welcome To Kagurapedia A Senran Kagura Wikia. In This Blog We're Talk About The Western Version Of Senran Kagura Estival Versus. There's No Ikkitousens (Kan'u,Hakufu & Ryofu) To Appear In English Version Due To License. This Time Senran Kagura Fans Will Replace The Ikkitousen Characters With Gal*Gun (Ekoro,Kurona & Amatsuka Patako) As The New DLC Characters For Western Version. This Gal*Gun Characters Is Only Guest Characters To Featured Normal Mode,Frenzy Mode and Tenshin Mode Of Gal*Gun Characters,New Sountracks For Gal*Gun Characters & Victory Pose For Gal*Gun Characters & Senran Kagura Characters Licensed By Pqube UK

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  • Reiyanami


    January 27, 2016 by Reiyanami

    Hello, mod of SIA here. I've added the recent cards in the character's pages.The only ones that I haven't added is the Kagura SR of her in the police outfit along with one or two more cards because I'm still new here and don't know how to add an SR or LR category of their pages. If anyone can tell me how to do that for future reference, that would be most appreciated.

    And another question is if there's a union, do you put it in one of the character's pages, put it up twice to put it in each character's pages, or is there a setting where you can share the image between two characters?

    Sorry if my questions are stupid. I'd just like to contribute. :)

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  • Feinoha

    Userbox uploaded

    January 21, 2016 by Feinoha

    Hello everyone I just wanted to tell you that I've uploaded a base template that can be used in making Userboxes, that I originally found on the Love Live wiki, on the wiki called . I've already made one derivative template the template that can be used to add your PSN account name (with a link) to your user page.

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  • Feinoha

    New Footer

    October 5, 2015 by Feinoha

    Hey everyone I just submitted the wiki for the new Games footer yesterday. Today Wikia staff has implemented it on our main page. Please be sure to check it out.

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  • Purple Heart

    Table of Contents

    October 2, 2015 by Purple Heart

    I've altered the appearance of the Table of Contents for the wiki. You can see the new look on literally any page that has a table of contents at the beginning. This will help pages with more section headings and information look less long (since the TOC tends to extend pretty far down) and that means less scrolling up and down for people. I hope you like it~

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  • Purple Heart

    Wiki Font

    October 1, 2015 by Purple Heart

    I've altered the font of the wiki to give it a more "Asian" feel to fit with the whole shinobi thing of the series. The normal font is the same for when you type but header fonts among other things have been changed. You'll also see it on the wiki activity. So... I just wanted to know.. do you like this? Or do you want to go back to the basic style?

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  • Purple Heart

    Admin Highlight

    September 28, 2015 by Purple Heart

    I've made it so that the admins of this wiki will have their names highlighted in red to make them stand out from normal contributors. It's just to make it easier for newer contributors to distinguish them in case they need an admin's assistance.

    That is all~

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  • Feinoha

    All of the Senran Kagura Burst related articles are now found in the category burst instead of the old category which has since been deleted (by me). This should help the category match the main article more closely. I've already posted a similar notice on SIA.

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  • Leon Tekashi

    Scroll Box Problem

    August 27, 2015 by Leon Tekashi

    So once again, there's a problem on Katsuragi's page. In the scroll box for Shinovi Versus, two of the images I put in there aren't appearing, but when I click on them, they appear. It's probably another bug or something. I'm not sure on what to do for this one. The problem started happening after I finished the Hanzo National Academy arc.

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  • Leon Tekashi

    Katsuragi's page

    August 25, 2015 by Leon Tekashi

    This is strange. So I was working on Kat's page as usual and save changes. Suddenly, everything disappeared. When I go to edit mode on the page though, everything reappears, but when I get out of it, everything disappears. Is this some sort of possible glitch or something else? I really hope Kat's page doesn't get messed up, cause that would seriously suck.

    Edit: The page came back, but we should still look into this just in case.

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  • Feinoha

    Attention Spanish speakers

    August 23, 2015 by Feinoha

    All people who can help can understand Spanish, the Spanish version of Kagurapedia needs a lot of help.

    It can be found here:

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  • Leon Tekashi


    August 15, 2015 by Leon Tekashi

    So as I kept on seeing conflictions between users when it comes to infomation for the pages, I came up with this idea to help make things more fair and civil. The two or more users arguing with one another should post the infomation they want to put on the pages on a blog post and it's up to the other users to vote on which one they feel is more accurate. They are also free to explain why they chose said information over the other. I hope this idea can help.

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  • Leon Tekashi

    So after watching the Senran Kagura Overview video from a member of SIA, he mentioned how Katsuragi was going to be the main character of the franchise. I know I've heard about this info somewhere before, but I'm having problems finding sources. Does anyone have any ideas on where to find the sources?

    Here's the overview in case any of you are wondering:

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  • Purple Heart

    Character Page Format

    August 13, 2015 by Purple Heart

    As most of us should know, not all of the character pages on the wiki follow the same format which ultimately leads to inconsistency among them. I believe we should discuss which format(s) would be most ideal for each page and vote on which idea we like more. Everyone is free to state their piece and explain why they feel the character page's should look a certain way.

    I'll begin by stating my own opinion here.

    I think that all the Versus characters should follow the template of Yumi's page while all the Main Series characters (3DS) should follow the template of Homura's page. Since both are more or less the same, it won't look inconsistent with the rest of pages.

    The main issue seems to be what to do with the Ninja Art section of the page. S…

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  • ChaddyFantome

    Alright, after discsussing things with Luxaiz here, reading through the Shinobi Syllabus again after getting home, I have mauled over thing and think I have few things to clear up. Whatmore after considering a few key factors, I think I have come to a reasonable conclusion about thsi whole thing.

    First of all, adressing a mistake I made in a previous discussion. In the previous discussion, I made the false assetion that Homura's transformed state is only ever refered to as Crimson Homura.

    However, after reading through the syllabus again, it has come to my attetion that it refers to it as Homura's Crimson Mode. Several times infact.

    While this opens up even more of a case about the dicrepencies between the main and Versus games, that is beside…

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  • Purple Heart


    August 12, 2015 by Purple Heart

    The more I work on adding content regarding Shinovi Versus, the more I realize we should have a navigation template for each of the games themselves so that readers will be able to actually find all the information being put on this sub-pages. So.. I'll probably be making a navigation template for Shinovi Versus as it has the most content as a whole for now. I'll be putting the template on every Shinovi Versus sub-page and the main page as well.

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  • Feinoha

    Bureaucrat access

    August 12, 2015 by Feinoha

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it would be okay for me to get the Bureaucrat flag (right) on my account? If so, I plan to use the rights (flag) to make Purple Heart an admin too.

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  • Feinoha

    My observations

    August 11, 2015 by Feinoha

    After reviewing some of the edits made to the site during the user dispute, I've made the following changes.

    1. Since a majority of the dispute seems to center around the Dawn page I've protected it for 1 week so that editors will cool down.
    2. All Editors involved with the Edit War will be warned. If the edit war continues, blocks will (likely) have to be handed out.
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  • ChaddyFantome

    The wiki is really rough around the edges and the biggest reason for it is the lack of consistency. Some pages are clearly getting more love than others. xD

    Not to be rude, but I think it'd be nice to try and help edit other pages, give as many pages as possible a look. You know? Some of the pages are down right incomprehensible, while others look overbloated like some people are compensating for something. The bias is real. 

    In the mean time, I'll be doing my best with what time I have. I'll also be making an effort to give constant feedback and suggestions to help streamline things.

    As it is, things are pretty lopsided.

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  • Kagura8967

    Hey guys.You know that editor Gessengirlz?That's ME.I made 2 accounts.yes.You see,I have a pretty weird personality.Since I'm still kinda new here,I'm not used to editing.I'm also younger than you think.I'm.....wait for it...drumroll....I'm 14 years old!It's kinda hard for me to be mature and say the right things around adults or older people.I'm can get offended or mad easily,so i'm kinda like Blanc and Mirai.Well there ya go.My secret.PLEASE COMMENT! Ps.I'll do my best(that rymes too!)

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  • Kagura8967

    Marvelous AQL

    July 21, 2015 by Kagura8967

    I ♡ this gaming company.I just don't get why japanese people HAVE to make the characters have Huge BOOBS.I love japan,but why do they do this?I'm not mad about it,just wondering.So don't forget to let me know in the comments,are you a yuri that loves big boobs and pretty girls,or your just a brawler-type game lover?

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  • Kagura8967

    How many of you get these Senran Kagura games just for those boobies?Are you a yuri like Kat?Or do you just get the game for the action,fighting fun?I enjoy getting these games because it represents girl power and it's my style.I'm not a yuri or perv(no offense to yuri fans)I just love these cute,fun games.I hope this blog didn't offend anybody.

    Don't forget to comment! (^-^)

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  • Kagura8967

    The Senran Kagura Estival Versus Nyuu Nyuu DX pack.....Is it really worth getting?I know a lot of you guys got or want the PS4 version.Those adorable mini figures are well built,but you have to put them together.Do you like the Limited Edition packs with the mini figures and CDS or would you rather wait for the US release?Please let me know in the comments below.Also,the Nyuu Nyuu DX pack for 3DS has a region lock,so you'll have to get a japanese 3DS in order to play the game(Grrrr...)Some of the mini figs are better built than each other.If you want a certain faction of figures,such as Hanzo National Academy,Homura Crimson Squad,etc,than you'll have to get a certain pack.Well bye!Don't worry,I'll be making more blog posts soon!

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  • Kagura8967


    July 20, 2015 by Kagura8967

    Are you ready for Awesome,new DLC?Ayame,Ayane,and some of the other characters from New Wave(I forgot their names)Will soon be on the DLC.Don't forget new “Purpuru Finishes” and Missions.Ayame is now available in the japanese PSN store.Please be noted that you will need a japanese account to buy her.She costs 600 yen.I can't wait to see how the other characters fight!:D

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  • Kagura8967

    Well,I know they only released the japanese version of this game.I really hope they release the  english version soon.This will be the very first Senran Kagura game on a Mobile Device!I hope you all are excited,'cause I know I am!I'm also glad this game adds more characters.It will be fun and interesting to see them and their style!More Hanzo,More Hebijo,and even New Factions!I can't wait for this game, and I also can't wait for the new Estival Versus DLC Characters! (^-^)

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  • Feinoha

    Images and Videos

    July 18, 2015 by Feinoha

    I'd like to post a friendly reminder. When uploading files and videos make sure to categorize them needed.

    • All character related files should have ' category
    • All videos should have the ' category applied to them. This is in addition to any character categories as mentioned above.
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  • Purple Heart

    Wiki Content

    July 12, 2015 by Purple Heart

    While character pages are important I think we should also focus on the actual games themselves as well. That's why I'll be working to add more content regarding the games since this wiki practically has nothing about game mechanics and content and such.

    Though my additions for this will be limited to only the PlayStation titles since I don't own (and most likely never will) the 3DS titles (or a 3DS for that matter). 

    Needless to say I will at least try to do story information for the 3DS titles for character pages that need them since walkthroughs are a thing on YouTube. 

    You can basically say I'll be working on just about everything in one way or another.... if I feel like it. 

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  • MayomiCCz

    I know I've not been here long but I happen to enjoy the Senran WIKI quite a bit. Really, I enjoy the game. I just wish there was an easier for me to get a better understanding for characters and and a better understanding of the stories involving the older games. So here are some of my suggestions, as well as my take on things I think can help improve this wiki a lot!

    Going through most, if not, all the character pages of this WIKI, I've noticed there's quite a bit of information and content lacking all throughout them.

    The pages are set up rather strangely. There are Headers that are at bottom of pages that should probably be placed somewhere towards the top.

    Ninja Arts are pages of their own but are on the character pages. If there is a ca…

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  • Chrismh

    Combo Addict

    April 11, 2015 by Chrismh

    Hello, not-so active (although I'd like to help more, just not sure what I can do) member here. I was a little curious and thought for anyone who got it or was planning to get the achievement, this would be a fun little discussion topic. 

    Originally I was just messing around with Yagyu in a level when I got about half-way to achieving Combo Addict. Then today out of curiousity I set out to get it after I played a level with Hibari and got very close to it. In training I used her and got it within a few minutes. 

    So then, for anyone here who may have gotten it or seen others do it, how did you/they get it? 

    Also, there wouldn't be any good aerial rave tips would there? I mean, I know it's just a simple thing, but I'm actually having trouble do…

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  • TwinTails100

    As newcomers purchase Senran Kagura, I think adding character strategies to their respective pages would help them to get more involved with their character of choice's advantages and disadvantages. If you have any good strategies for certain playable characters, feel free to add them. If not, then there are some good ones uploaded by our friend from the forum, Dai-T. But do not forget to give her credit.

    You can also add PlayStation and 3DS button icons using the template I made below:

    I know it looks like a fugly abomination now, but I'm still beta testing. So what do you guys think?

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  • Ilovenumberfour


    November 4, 2013 by Ilovenumberfour

    heey! could you maybe help editing my wikia? i'll help you!

    i have a friend who wrote a story (she stopped cutting herself and so for a distraction she started writing). And quess what i think its really good so if you guys could perhaps check it out and comment and stuff :)

    wattpad: author blacktimes

    title: changed

    and the wikia:


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