Beautiful Blue Gunslinger (美しく青きガンスリンガー Utsukushiku Aoki Gansuringā) is Ryōna's Hiden Ninpō 2 in Senran Kagura SHINOVI VERSUS and Senran Kagura ESTIVAL VERSUS. It requires two bars of Ninja Art Energy to use.



Ryona Beautiful Blue Gunslinger SV

Ryōna preps herself before gracefully leaping into the air and fliping upside down. She then points her guns downward, and spins in a pirouette-like fashion while firing several shots at the enemies below. It ends with her explosively landing down, creating stalagmite shards that shot up from the ground.

This attack is quite linear and for the most part stationary. So it does not have much range outside of the area of attack, thus making it easy to avoid. However, what makes this attack so fierce is that it freezes the ensnared opponent(s), both from the initial attack, and the ending.


Ryona Beautiful Blue Gunslinger EV

While this attack bares most of its uniform action(s) from the original, it has some distinguishing qualities that make it rather unique. As before, Ryona leaps into the air and flips into an upside down pirouette while firing her guns. Only this time, while the shots are noticeably freezing enemies, they also burn them. The move finishes with her gracefully landing in an Arabesque en pointe posture, creating stalagmite shards that shot up from the ground.

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