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Asuka SK

Hanzo-Asuka Burst Render

Senran Kagura 2 Deep Crimson for Asuka

Asuka SV Render

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Voiced By Hitomi Harada
Age 17
Gender Female
Birthday September 8th (Virgo)
Blood Type A
Laterality Right
Guardian Toad
Weapon Green Willow & Red Blossom
Personal Details
Hobby Training
Favorite Food Futomaki
Family Hanzō "(Grandfather)"
Sayuri (Grandmother)
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Height 155cm (5'1")
Bust 90cm (35")
Cup 67.5F
Bust Volume 1582.3ml
Waist 57cm (22")
Hips 85cm (33")

Asuka (飛鳥) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura videogame series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls. A 2nd-year Hanzo student, Asuka is energetic and willing to work as hard as she can. Her grandfather was apparently a great ninja himself, whose influence contributes to Asuka's earnestness about her shinobi training.

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Asuka Concepts (Headshots)

Asuka is a short girl who has her dark brown hair tied in a medium sized ponytail with a white ribbon bow. In her shinobi clothes, she dons a uniform composed of a yellow vest, green plaid skirt, and a white shirt with green tie. Around her neck is a small red bandanna worn like a scarf. She has red armguards on her forearms with bandages underneath, and straps around her waist to hold her two swords. On both legs she wears thigh high socks and brown formal shoes.

Ultimate Mode

Unlike Homura, Yumi, and Miyabi, Asuka does not undergo any significant aesthetic changes. In this mode her hair simply let down out of it's ponytail and is surrounded by a green aura. The length of her blades is also increased by this aura.


Asuka has a joyful and friendly personality and believes in team work, sticking together and friendship. On rare occasions she appears to be gullible or clumsy. She aims to become a powerful ninja like her grandfather causing her to try really hard in training and teachings.


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Asuka Backstory 1

Asuka's shinobi heritage comes from her Grandfather Hanzo on her mother's side. Although her mother was a shinobi, her father was not. Originally, her father dreamed and was on the verge of becoming a successful lawyer, however he was charmed by Asuka's mother. Hanzo did not approve of their relationship, and the two constantly fought about it. Asuka's father loved her so much that he was willing to give up his dream of becoming a lawyer, as long as he could be with her.

According to him, he didn't need dreams or money if he could spend his life with her. Hanzo was so moved by his resolve and dedication that he could not bear to refuse his proposal, allowed them to get married and decided to open up a sushi shop with Asuka's father.

When Asuka was growing up, she had a reputation for getting into fights and beating up boys and girls alike, to which Hanzo told her was an independent sword, without a compatible shield.

Asuka Backstory (Anime) 2

At some point, Asuka enlisted in Hanzo National Academy to follow Hanzo's footsteps and to understand the concept of being a sword and a shield.

Asuka Backstory (Anime) 3

During her first year, Asuka had some trouble keeping up with both Katsuragi and Ikaruga due to her clumsy nature, but she managed to push through and reached her second year with average scores.


Spark! (Manga)

Senran Kagura Burst

Hanzō National Academy

Chapter 1
Section 1: Combat Practice
It’s a new day at the Hanzo National Academy. Inside the ninja room from within the school, Asuka is sleeping while her teacher, Kiriya, is teaching. Kiriya notices Asuka sleeping and tries to wake her up. After a couple of attempts, Asuka finally wakes up from her dream. Kiriya mocks Asuka by asking her if she finally found her path of the shinobi. Feeling surprised, Asuka asks Kiriya how he knows about that. Another student, Katsuragi, intervenes in the conversation and explains to Asuka how she talks in her sleep while also making suggestive noises. Asuka didn’t understand while the rest of her classmates, Ikaruga, Yagyū, and Hibari, either sigh or chuckle to themselves. Kiriya then tells Asuka to try and stay awake and to read up on Secret Ninja Arts to the class. Asuka nods as she begins reading.

As she reads out loud, Kiriya helps elaborate by reminding everyone what guardian they have. He then explains how to use Secret Ninja Arts, which can only be done by wielding the secret ninja arts scroll at all times. Katsuragi states how she keeps her secret ninja arts scroll under her skirt while Asuka keeps hers in her cleavage. Surprised to hear that, Katsuragi sexually harasses Asuka about wanting to check out her cleavage. However, Kiriya tells Katsuragi to not sexually harass others during class. With that said, Kiriya tells Asuka to continue reading out loud to the class.

As Asuka reads about the Super-Secret Ninja Art, she becomes confused about the fact that the description is short. However, Kiriya questions Asuka why that’s the case while saying that there’s a reason behind that. The reason being is because the Super-Secret Ninja Art Scroll is the school’s pride and joy and its content must be kept an absolute secret. Asuka begins to wonder what’s inside the scroll, but as she does so, the school bell rings. Kiriya tells the class that it’s time for basic martial arts instruction and that all students must meet him on the school’s rooftop. With that said, the students did as they were told and went to the school’s rooftop.

On the school’s rooftop, Kiriya begins explaining about how there are shinobi out there known as “evil shinobi”. The class nods while Asuka states that as good shinobi, they must work to uphold justice. Kiriya then states to the class that from the moment they set foot on Hanzo National Academy, they were shinobi and that he would like for all five of them to set aside their instincts as students. With that said, Kiriya believes that he worked the student hard enough for them to be prepared to face what awaits them.

The class nods as Kiriya begins explaining about the shinobi barrier. It is a shinobi dueling space that blockades off a space of a fixed size, impenetrable to the average person. While it can be useful to covert activities, the downside of using a shinobi barrier is since shinobi can sense its activation, you’ll give away your position.

The class nods again while Kiriya tells them that it’s time to begin practical combat training. He then explains to them that they’ll be fighting dummies he made himself. Since there’s no regular students around, he’s allowing all five of them to give it everything they got. With that said, Kiriya begins the training and disappears into thin air and the students begins their training.

After the training, Asuka wonders if she’s the first one to finishing taking out the dummies. However, Kiriya tells her that both she and Hibari were the lasts ones to finish and how Katsuragi, Ikaruga, and Yagyū already went back to the ninja room. Asuka went from being cheerful to being depressed while Kiriya instructs her to go back to the ninja room as soon as Hibari returns. Asuka nods while she wonders if she should just drop out.

Section 2: Get Hibari's Scroll
The next day inside the ninja room, Hibari is worrying about what she should do. Asuka asks her what’s wrong but Hibari doesn’t answer. Hibari then asks Asuka if she won’t get mad if she tells her the problem. Asuka nods and then Hibari explains to her that she lost her ninja art scroll. Asuka becomes shocked to hear that while Hibari begins worrying if Kiriya is going to kill her for losing the scroll. Asuka begins to think that the punishment might be worse than death. The thought scares Hibari even more. However, with there being some time left before class begins, Asuka tells Hibari that she’ll help her find her missing ninja art scroll. Hibari thanks Asuka while Asuka asks her where she might have dropped it. Hibari replies by saying how she might have dropped it at the shops district after she fell. Asuka understands as the two went to the shops district.

At the shops district, Asuka searches her surroundings, but so far, no luck. Suddenly, she spots a woman that’s carrying Hibari’s ninja art scroll. Quickly, Asuka went after the woman to get it back.

Afterwards, Asuka manages to get back Hibari’s ninja art scroll and heads back to the ninja room where she meets up with Hibari. Asuka gives Hibari her scroll back and Hibari thanks her. Asuka then tells Hibari to keep her breasts together and grip it more tightly to prevent her ninja art scroll from falling out easily. Hibari understands and thanks Asuka again.

Section 3: Street Sweeping
Later on in class, Ikaruga sees the other students all huddle up arguing about something. They didn’t respond but Ikaruga begins to get annoyed as she states how she would like to know what’s wrong. Still being ignored, Ikaruga raises her voice and tells everyone to be quiet and listen to her. Asuka notices Ikaruga and apologizes. With everyone finally giving Ikaruga their attention, Ikaruga asks again what’s the problem. Asuka explains how it wasn’t a big deal at first as they were wondering what to eat when they get home. No one was agreeing with one another and because of that, things escalated. Ikaruga understands as she asks Asuka what everyone wishes to eat. Asuka replies with her saying how she wants sushi rolls, Katsuragi wants ramen, Yagyū wants dried squid, and Hibari wants sweets. Ikaruga realizes how this situation is problematic, but as class rep, she decides to help find a way to resolve this predicament. With that said, Ikaruga went out to find the solution.

In the ninja room after Ikaruga gathered the food and put together something, Ikaruga shows Asuka and the other her creation, which she calls “Sweet Squid Ramen Roll”. Ikaruga explains how friends should partake be happy to partake of the same foods together. However, Asuka begins to wonder how she should say what she wants say regarding Ikaruga’s creation in a delicate way. However, Asuka realizes that Ikaruga worked hard to gather everything for everyone, so she decides to give the Sweet Squid Ramen Roll a try. As she eats it, she begins to feel sick for a second, but then she begins to like it. Ikaruga was happy to hear it, but Asuka tells Ikaruga that she was in the mood for just a plain old sushi roll.

Section 4: Get Back the Purse

Asuka meets Baseball Dude CG (SKB)

The next morning, Asuka is walking down the path to Hanzo National Academy. She feels relaxed and refreshed to be able to move freely when the temperature is warm during the summer while the average person would start to feel sluggish. As Asuka reaches the school gate for shinobi specifically, a boy in a baseball uniform approaches Asuka from behind while looking out of breath. Asuka turns to him and asks him what he wants. The boy begins to stammer for a bit as Asuka tells him that she’s in a hurry. Suddenly, the boy confesses his love to Asuka, which catches Asuka off guard as she doesn’t know how to react. The boy confesses his love again and tells the boy to go out with him. Asuka doesn’t say a word and because of that, the boy runs off like a scared rabbit. She begins to wonder what that was about as she looks at her watch. She realizes that it’s time for homeroom as she quickly dashes to the ninja room.

Inside the ninja room, the entire morning passes with a daze with Asuka thinking about that boy from earlier and how he confessed to her. Since no one has ever confessed to her before, Asuka doesn’t know how to react to that. Hibari notices Asuka not eating her lunch as she asks her what’s wrong. Asuka replies as she shakes her head and explains to her what happened to her earlier. Everyone is the room becomes stunned with the news as they begin asking Asuka for the details. Asuka begins telling everyone everything that happened.

Afterwards, Ikaruga wants to confirm to Asuka that this boy she encountered earlier was a baseball player from another school. Asuka nods and Katsuragi becomes impressed about the fact that Asuka was able get a nice catch. Hibari then asks Ikaruga about baseball in general while Ikaruga explains to her how pro baseball players are in par with any shinobi. Ikaruga turns to Asuka asking her what she’s going to do about this. However, Yagyū quietly reminds everyone that they are shinobi and that they mustn’t forget that. The ninja room went from being active to complete silence. Asuka states that she already knows and how she just wants to be a shinobi. She doesn’t even know how a date works to begin with or who that boy really is. With her mood now improved, Asuka begins to eat her lunch.

The next morning, Asuka is doing extra training on the mountain path. She feels that she’s inexperienced with everything while everyone else in her class are experienced at something, so she thinks it’s a good idea to do extra training every morning. Suddenly, she begins to sense another presence nearby. Asuka yells out who’s there when suddenly, the boy from yesterday emerges from the woods. The boy asks Asuka what she’s doing here while Asuka asks him the same exact question while asking him if he’s a stalker. The boy quickly shakes his head in a panic while stating how he was doing batting practice and now he’s retrieving the balls. Asuka asks him if he’s by himself while the boy nods and states how he’s doing independent training. Asuka realizes how the boy is similar to him while the boy continues by saying how he’s practicing really hard like no one has ever done before since baseball is special to him. Asuka notices how hard the boy must be working considering how sweaty his face is, which causes her to blush a little.

The boy then tells Asuka that his name is Suzuki while asking for her name. However, Asuka dodges the question and asks Suzuki why he would confess his love to a girl whose name he doesn’t even know. Quickly, Suzuki answers by saying how it was like love at first sight. With that said, Asuka finally tells him her name as she smiles at him while Suzki lets out a huge sigh. Suzuki then asks Asuka again if she is willing to go out with him, even though it was awkward for him to ask again. However, Asuka went completely silent, not knowing what to say next. Suzuki begins to feel that he’s bothering Asuka at this point and how he realizes that it’s weird to go out with a total stranger. As he smiles bitterly, Suzuki tells Asuka that she now knows who he is and invites her to come to a baseball game the coming weekend. Asuka begins to wonder if it would be okay to go to the baseball game. Not saying a word, Suzuki lowers his head as he runs down the mountain path.


Back in the ninja room, the morning classes’ ends and the ninja room’s door flies open with the sushi chef coming in with a burst of laughter. Asuka realizes that the chef was none other than his grandfather, Hanzo. Asuka was happy to see him while Kiriya bows his head to him. However, Hanzo tells Kiriya to stops since he’s now retired. Beforehand, Hanzo was a legendary shinobi that a lot of people respected. There has been rumors saying that Hanzo National Academy was named after him to honor him. However, no civilians know anything about him or his activities. With that said, Asuka asks Hanzo what he’s doing here at Hanzo National Academy while Hanzo explains how he figures he should make some lunch for her and her friends.

As everyone quickly gathers around Hanzo, he gives Asuka a bucket of sushi rolls he made himself and tells Asuka to pass them out to everyone. Everyone begins to eat the sushi rolls with smiles on their faces. Hanzo watches the students while smiling and then asks Asuka to come over for a minute.

Asuka asks Hanzo what is it while Hanzo tells Asuka how he heard about her developing thoughts about love as of late. Asuka becomes surprised to hear that Hanzo also knows about her situation, but then she remembers that Hanzo is a legendary shinobi, so information gathering wouldn’t be hard for him. Asuka then tells Hanzo how she isn’t in love with Suzuki really while Hanzo asks her if she ever heard how her parents met. Asuka shakes his head as Hanzo begins whispering the details.

Asuka’s father was law student at a famous university and fell in love with Asuka’s mother at first sight when she was a ninja student. Hanzo objected to them dating at first, which lead to endless arguments between the two. When Asuka’s father decided to give up his dream to become a lawyer and wanted to open a sushi restaurant with Hanzo just so that he can be with Asuka’s mother, Hanzo allowed it.

Asuka becomes surprised to know that’s the reason as her eyes begins to be filled with tears. With that said, Hanzo asks Asuka what Suzuki’s like in general. Asuka tells him that he’s similar to herself in a way while explaining what he does. Hanzo then tells Asuka that it’s okay for her to love someone and that she should pursue it, which surprises Asuka since she wasn’t expecting him to allow it. Next, he reminds Asuka about what he told her about how power must be a pairing of sword and shield. Asuka nods as she remembers in the past, Hanzo tells her how she has the sword, but lacks the shield. Hanzo then continues by telling her how love can be difficulty as a shinobi but by loving someone, you’ll be able to understand the meaning of the sword and shield. With that said, Asuka realizes that Hanzo wants her to think about the situation with the perspectives as a shinobi.

In the end of all that, Asuka didn’t go to the ball game Suzuki told her about while also changing the route she takes to avoid making contact with Suzuki. She feels that she’s not ready for love and how there’s still a lot to learn regarding the strength born of the sword and shield. One morning after finishing up the morning training, Asuka comes across a newspaper. She goes to the sports section and notices Suzuki’s success. Under her breath, Asuka wishes Suzuki good luck as she closes the newspaper.

In the shops district, Asuka is enjoying the warm weather once again. Suddenly, she accidently runs into a pedestrian, who apologizes to Asuka. Asuka apologizes as well and asks if she’s okay. The pedestrian states that she’s okay as she quickly runs off. As she left, Asuka realizes that her purse is missing and she figures the woman must have took it. She wonder if she’s one of the local thugs she’s been hearing about as of late while also sighing about the fact that she old has five hundred yen in there, but since money is money and that’s her allowance, she decides to go after the woman.

After going through waves of thugs, Asuka still can’t find the woman that took her purse. Suddenly, a woman walks up to her and gives her the purse back while also calling her jugs. Asuka thanks the stranger but tells her to call her by her name and not jugs, which she then introduces herself. She then asks the stranger her name and then the stranger introduces herself as Homura. Asuka begins to insist that she should repay her for helping her. However, Homura denies the offer, but Asuka continues to insist. Homura still denies the offer and walks off. Asuka realizes how impressive for Homura to be able to get her purse back and wonders if she knows some form of martial arts. With that in mind, Asuka decides to use Homura’s skills as a way to motivate herself to do better.

Section 5: Punish the Harasser
Inside the hallways, Katsuragi notices Asuka apologizing to woman. She begins to feel that Asuka is being a pushover to whoever she’s dealing with. The woman begins to check out her thighs, which has Asuka feeling uncomfortable. Katsuragi starts sighing as she watches since she wishes for Asuka to fight back when being pushed around, even though they have to keep their strengths as a shinobi hidden from the average person. She then steps up and tells the person to lay off of Asuka. Asuka was surprised to see Katsuragi while Katsuragi states how she likes copping a good feeling herself, but she hates seeing sexual harassment being done by others, so she decides to go and teach the person a lesson.

Afterwards, Asuka begins to explain to Katsuragi that the person she just beat up was in fact a member of the Public Morals Committee. Katsuragi becomes confused while Asuka continues by saying how she was telling her to lengthen her skirt. Katsuragi begins to apologize for what she has done while also laughing it out since she feels that it was just an accident. However, Asuka realizes that Katsuragi was faking her laugh.

Section 7: Hibari's Tutoring
In the ninja room, Hibari is apologizing to Kiriya while Kiriya explains to Hibari how difficult it is to take the particular class without a kunai, which Hibari forgot her own back at home. As he sighs, Kiriya tell Hibari that she’ll have to take supplemental lessons after school, which shocks Hibari since she was planning on eating banana crepes with everyone after school. Suddenly, Asuka intervenes and states that she and the other students are going to take those lessons as well. Kiriya asks her why and Asuka responds by saying how they’re all in this together since that’s what friends do. Kiriya understands and tell the students that the lessons will take place outside in the yard and whoever scores lowest will be remanded for additional lessons. With that said, the students went out and beings the lesson.

Afterwards, Hibari was surprised to see that she won while Asuka was in last place. However, both Kiriya and Hibari realizes that Asuka lost on purpose. Asuka tries to hide the fact, but it only makes Hibari feel even worst. She begins to sincerely apologize as she states how hard it is being the shield for your friends. However, Hibari understands what Asuka was trying to do for her, which she appreciates. With that said, the two prepare for their extra lessons.

Section 8: Hebijo Assassin
After Katsuragi kicks the ball in half and scans her surroundings for enemies, Asuka asking her what’s wrong from the distance. She’s came into the room at some point. Katsuragi turns to Asuka and tells her that there’s nothing wrong. Asuka then points towards the unfinished ramen while telling Katsuragi how she’s late for class and the ramen is unfinished, so she knows something is wrong. Katsuragi gives up and tells Asuka that she’ll explain everything once everyone else arrives.

Once everyone is present, Katsuragi tells them what happened earlier. Hibari suggests that they should let Kiriya know, which Yagyū agrees to, but Ikaruga mentions how Kiriya is out on business at the moment, which everyone nods to as they remembered. Hibari then wonders what they’ll all do once the enemy attacks, but Yagyū quickly comforts Hibari by telling her that they’re not sure if they will attack. Katsuragi nods as she begins to think about how she wants to know how strong she really is and how she wants to fight someone tough. She also figures how the enemy will definitely come at some point due to Kiriya not being present at the moment.

Suddenly, Hibari notices a girl outside on the courtyard. Katsuragi was able to notice the girl’s thirst for blood up in the air. The enemy has finally arrived and the students quickly moved to the courtyard as a group. As they arrived, Katsuragi asks for the black-haired girl’s name. However, the black-haired girl asks them if they are shinobi students as she steps forward. The black-haired girl introduces herself as Homura, a shinobi student from Hebijo Clandestine Academy. Katsuragi recalls of the academy and how notorious it is while also mysterious. Homura asks them if they’re Hanzo students but Ikaruga tries to deny the fact that they are. However, Homura takes out a photograph of Katsuragi about to kick the ball while invoking a shinobi barrier. As Homura grins at the Hanzo students, she states how they’re still around after she invoked a shinobi barrier, clarifying the fact that they’re shinobi. Katsuragi asks Homura what if they are shinobi students while Homura replies by telling them to hand over the Super-Secret Ninja Art Scroll. However, Ikaruga tells her that they have no plans to do so. As Katsuragi grins and asks Homura what would happen if they don’t give it up, Homura laughs and draws a sword while saying how she’ll take by force instead.

Katsuragi’s interests piqued as she prepares for a fight, but Asuka tells her to step aside. Confused about whether Asuka and Homura are already acquainted, Katsuragi steps aside since she knows that shinobi battles are supposed to be one-on-one. However, another girl but with an expressionless look on her face walks up and tells Katsuragi that she’ll fight her instead. Katsuragi asks for the expressionless girl’s name as the girl calls herself Hikage. Quickly, Hikage takes out her knife and slashes at Katsuragi with Katsuragu managing to dodge at the last moment. Katsuragi then asks Hikage if she strong while Hikage replies by saying that she has to be. Katsuragi follows up by asking her why while Hikage tells her that if she’s not strong then she’s not following orders.

Katsuragi begins to smile as she’s finally able to fight a tough opponent. She then tells the rest of the Hanzo students to stand back as both herself and Asuka will handle both Homura and Hikage. The others does so as both Asuka and Katsuragi prepare for their first taste of real combat.

Homura becomes surprised to know that Asuka was a shinobi all along. Asuka nods as she wasn’t expecting to meet Homura again as enemies. She then asks Homura why they need the Super-Secret Ninja Scroll while Homura replies by saying how she wants to be the most powerful shinobi. Asuka questions her again what she meant exactly while Homura continues explaining by saying how if she steals the scrolls from both schools, she’ll become invincible. However, Asuka disagrees while explaining how it’s possible to become powerful by just training. Homura states that the way of Hebijo is to become strong at all costs, but Asuka believes that using Super-Secret Ninja Scrolls to become powerful goes against the true Path of the Shinobi. Homura shrugs off Asuka’s statement while telling her to come and fight just for her to prove how pathetic Asuka’s “true Path of the Shinobi” really is. Asuka disagrees with that remark as the two begins their fight. After a while of fighting, Asuka is huffing and puffing as she wonders if she won the fight. However, Homura wonders if that’s really all of Asuka’s strength. Asuka becomes surprised to see how Homura is still standing. Homura explains to Asuka that she let her do some damage on her just to see how powerful Asuka really is. The damage Asuka did on Homura wasn’t nothing but a feather caressing her cheek. As Asuka becomes frustrated, Homura tells her to relax since she’s didn’t come to kill her while also telling her to get her last rites before she and the others come back again. With that said, Homura and the others leave.

Chapter 2
Section 1: Katsuragi's Training
After the thrashing from Hebijo Clandestine Academy, the ninja room’s atmosphere becomes thick and heavy. Kiriya notices his students’ faces filled with despair. He isn’t surprised since there’s a world of difference between classwork and actual combat. Finally speaking, Kiriya tells his students that the principal told him what happened to them. He stops speaking right there not being able to find the words to continue. He begins to feel conflicted if he should praise them for managing to stay alive, which is noteworthy since what they went through was their first real battle. Suddenly, Asuka calls out to Kiriya with a despair look in his eyes. The looks reminds Kiriya of a former student of his that goes by the name of “Rin”. He then remembers that he’ll never let what happened in the past happen again. Finally, Kiriya was able to find the words to continue speaking by telling all five of them that if it bothers them so much that they’ve been defeated by Hebijo students, then they should all give up on being a shinobi and get out. As he said that, he begins having more flashbacks of Rin.

Kiriya tells his students again that they should just give up and get out if they’re going to let their defeat by the Hebijo student bother them so much. Suddenly, the change in the atmosphere changed in the ninja room. Ikaruga tells Kiriya about what he said sounds a bit harsh while Katsuragi follows up with a nod but with irritation. She then tells Kiriya how it doesn’t matter what he says about her, but how Asuka is still a 2nd year and she took on some serious competition while surviving, which isn’t a small task. Katsuragi then asks Kiriya to at least praise her for that. However, Asuka looks downward with the rims of her eyes becoming red. Kiriya wants to praise her, but she knows a half-hearted praise will only result in more sorrow down the road. Next, Kiriya explains how Hebijo is known for producing shinobi involved in politics and business while also having no qualms about very nasty work. The students remains breathless at Kiriya’s words. Kiriya continues by saying how they cannot be bargained or reasoned with and how they absolutely will not stop until they achieve their goal, which is much like their namesake, the serpent. Ikaruga asks Kiriya with a frown on her face if there’s no way of avoiding the conflict. Kiriya answers by telling her that they don’t negotiate and how they’ll attack. With that said, Katsuragi asks Kiriya what if they go on the offensive themselves. Sadly, Kiriya shakes his head slightly while explaining how even though that’s a nice thought, they don’t have any idea where the Hebijo Headquarters is located. The explanations causes Katsuragi to sink at his words. However, Hibari speaks up to break the tension by saying how Kiriya is now around, so they’ll all be fine while Ikaruga agrees with her. The statement causes relief to flood the students faces while Kiriya realizes that they all rely on him and how it’s true that he can help them, considering the students are still studying as shinobi and how they left their normal lives years ago. It’s only natural for all five of them to feel intimidated at fighting a powerful opponent.

However, despite all of that, Kiriya tells them that he will not be assisting them against the Hebijo, which stunned the students into silence. Both Ikaruga and Hibari pleads Kiriya with Hibari being on the verge of tears with the thought of Kiriya abandoning all five of them. However, with an authoritative voice, Kiriya reminds them that they’re shinobi students and they must always be prepared for the worst. Suddenly, Kiriya remembers what happened on Rin’s final examination.

Kiriya tells the students that those who rely on him during the fight with Hebijo should give up on being a shinobi and leave. He knows that if he helps them fight off Hebijo, it wouldn’t help them at all. The Path of a Shinobi is a harsh one. One must continue to fight, even with no help coming. Despite what Kiriya has said, there is one thing that he can do for those who seek to become a part of that world, which is teaching them not to be overcome with emotion. He knows that he can’t let Rin’s fate happen again. With that said, the students’ beings to listen to Kiriya’s words in silence. No one of them decided to move.

Suddenly, Asuka speaks up with her hands raised by telling Kiriya that she needs more training. Katsuragi follows up and does the same. Afterwards, the other students raises their hands as well. Hibari also tells Kiriya to work her hard. Despite what the students said, Kiriya is still feeling a natural doubt, but since their passion was so infectious, he smiles. With that said, Kiriya tells the students that he sees their resolves and then tells them to prepare for training. He knows that he can’t protect them directly, but he will teach them everything he knows since that’s the only way for him to protect them.

Section 3: Intercept Hebijos
When Ikaruga begins maintaining her weapon, Hien, inside the ninja room, Asuka and the others walks inside. They all exchange a friendly “good morning” and then a lively conversation begins. Despite all of the hardship and rigorous training they all go through, Ikaruga is impressed with Asuka the most since despite what happens, she never loses her bright and cheerful expression. She greets everything with a smile. While Ikaruga also goes through the same difficulty to keep her classmates organized as class representative, she begins to wonder if Asuka should lead the team instead of her.

As Ikaruga begins to lose herself in her thought, Kiriya walks into the classroom. He tells the class that he’ll be teaching them genealogy as part of the day’s lessons. Quickly, Katsuragi complains to Kiriya about how they should be focusing on training instead of family trees. However, Kiriya lets out a sigh and explains to her that breaks are a crucial aspect to training. With that said, Hibari questions Kirya what they’ll be doing with genealogy while Kiriya explains to them that they’ll be making a shinobi family tree to see if they have any shinobi ancestors while learning what they might have inherited from them. Suddenly, Asuka raises her hand and asks Kiriya how far back they should go, which Kiriya answers by telling them to start from the earliest shinobi, up to themselves. Asuka nods with enthusiasm as she quickly makes her shinobi family tree, which consists of three generations: her grandfather, her mother, and herself. Asuka then explains how her mother is a shinobi like her grandfather, how her father is a civilian who wasn’t completely happy with Asuka becoming a shinobi. However, Asuka wishes to be a powerful one, just like her grandfather. As Katsuragi and Yagyū writes in silence, Hibari begins to moan about how she has to write down everyone from her long line of shinobi. Suddenly, Kiriya asks Ikaruga what’s wrong as Ikaruga stops writing. Ikaruga apologizes as she notices that she’s almost finished making her family tree. However, when she thinks about her family, she’s reminded of her older brother. He is studying business management, following in the footsteps of their father. In truth, however, he wished to become a shinobi.

Ikaruga finishes her family tree by writing down her own name at the end. Her family tree is simply a straight line, from the head of the family, to herself. However, her brother’s’ name wasn’t included. His name would be where Ikaruga’s name is at if he was a shinobi. With that thought of feeling a burden of what happened in the past, Ikaruga’s eyes begins to well. Asuka notices Ikaruga looking upset and asks her what’s wrong, but she tells her that it’s nothing while forcing a smile.

As time went by, it’s now lunch time. The breeze was nice, so the students decided to eat outside for a change. As they begin to eat, Hibari is bothered by how Yagyū is eating dried squid again. However, Yagyū tells Hibari to not make light of the dried squid. As Ikaruga prepares her multi-course meal, she realizes that she forgot the tea. She tells the others that she’ll be back as she heads back to the ninja room to get the Japanese tea set.

After Ikaruga dealt with her older brother Murasame and begins to cry as she clenches Hien in her hand, Asuka calls out to her from the distance, which helps Ikaruga snap back into reality. She then asks Ikaruga what’s wrong since she’s been gone for a while. Ikaruga replies by saying that it’s nothing as she quickly wipes her eyes. As soon as they were about to leave the ninja room, Asuka stops her and decides to show her a family tree from her desk. Ikaruga then realizes how the particular family tree consists of everyone from the shinobi class on one line, listed as family with Ikaruga as the mother, Katsuragi as the father, and Asuka, Yagyū and Hibari as the children. Asuka then explains how the class is basically a family, so she decided to add them into the family tree. Suddenly, Ikaruga began to cry again with tears falling out of her eyes. She likes that she also has another family, her shinobi class. Suddenly, Asuka begins to feel flustered as she asks Ikaruga why she’s crying. Ikaruga explains to Asuka that she’s happy for what she did as she thanks her with a smile on her face.

Later on during the day, Asuka begins to feel tired from training all day, but she knows that she can’t complain because of how important it is for her to get stronger. She then begins to wonder why the Hebijo girls have to be so focused on fighting to grow stronger while also wonder if there’s no other way.

Suddenly, a shinobi barrier appeared. Asuka begins sensing a couple of enemies around the area. One of them being Homura as she walks up to Asuka and tells her how no one will be able to interrupt them. Homura tells Asuka to hand over the Super-Secret Ninja Scroll once again while also threatening to slaughter the entire student body. Asuka begins asking her why she would involve innocent people into their quarrel while Homura explains to Asuka how shinobi are awful by nature. Asuka then tells her how that isn’t the Path of the Shinobi. With that said, Homura asks Asuka what the Path of the Shinobi really is from her perspective. However, Asuka tells her that she doesn’t know yet, but she will once she does one day. Homura then tells her that she wouldn’t be able to since she won’t be walking out alive according to her while also telling her how she’s not alone. Asuka begins to wonder what she can do when suddenly, the rest of the Hanzo students steps in to help her. With that said, the group went on to take down the mob.

Afterwards, Homura is impressed with the show the Hanzo students performed as she suggests a one on one match between the Hanzo students and the Hebijo students. Asuka accepts the challenge of fighting Homura one on one while Homura tells her that they should fight in an open space, which is beneficial for Asuka since she won’t have to worry about the other students. As Asuka asks her where, Homura gives her a letter for her to first, which consists of the locations each participating student must go to. With that said, the Hanzo students prepare themselves as they spread out and head for the five specific locations for their one on one matches with the Hebijo students.

Section 8: Asuka vs Homura
At Asuka’s location, Asuka calls out to Homura and Homura appears right in front of her. As the two prepared themselves, Asuka asks Homura what’s the point in fighting one another. Homura responds by saying how she’s from Hebijo and how Asuka is from Hanzo. Because they’re both good and evil respectively, they are destined to fight one another. However, Asuka asks Homura if that’s enough reason for the two of them to kill one another. As Homura nods, she then explains how war happens everywhere in the world. Despite that explanation, Asuka doesn’t understand at all. Homura tells Asuka that she doesn’t have to understand, but to at least allow her to show her how beautiful death can be. As Asuka prepares to grab her weapons, she calls Homura a stubborn fool.

After taking out Homura’s allies, Homura states that it’s time for the main event. Asuka then tells Homura to promise her that if she wins, she’ll leave Hanzo Academy alone. Homura nods as she makes the promise while also stating how it doesn’t matter since she believes that Asuka doesn’t have the slightest chance of winning. However, Asuka states that she’s been training for their next fight and how she must win no matter the cost.

After the fight, Asuka wonders if she won, but she still sees Homura standing without looking hurt at all. Homura acknowledges how Asuka has gotten a little stronger since the last time they fought while also asking Asuka how she would she use her power to accomplish something. Asuka responds by saying how the power of the shinobi is to protect what’s most important. Homura nods and then asks Asuka if she’s prepared to kill in order to protect what’s important to her. Asuka doesn’t say a word as Homura continues by saying how the fight between the two will continue until one of them dies. She decides that she will go after Asuka’s friends and her school until her last breath. She then suggests Asuka to kill her if she doesn’t want Homura to go after her friends and her school. However, Asuka states how she just can’t kill Homura, but Homura then tells Asuka how her destiny is for her to be killed by Homura. As Asuka gulps, Homura states how she spent enough time of Asuka’s time. As Homura leaves, Asuka wonders what she meant when suddenly, she came to a realization of something.

Waiting on Yagyu's Recovery CG (SKB)
Hanzo Ending CG (SKB)

Hebijō Clandestine Girls' Academy

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Deep Crimson

Main Story

It is the night of the raid on Hebijo Clandestine Girl Academy to get back the Super-Secret Ninja Scroll. As the Hanzo group started gathering around in the thicket next to the main gate, Asuka is happened to see that all of her comrades have arrived. Katsuragi then jokes around about Asuka leading her to the enemies boobs for groping. However, Ikaruga spoke and told Katsuragi to focus due to the situation at stake at the moment. Then, Katsuragi replied back to Ikaruga, realizing how serious, nervous, and stiff she is. She then suggested to help Ikaruga relax by smoothing out the rough spots, starting with her boobs. As Ikaruga demanded Katsuragi to stop. Hibari states how she's starting to get nervous herself. Yagyu then insists on helping Hibari out instead of Katsuragi for her own sake.

Asuka was happy to see how her own comrades are still the same as always, even though they're about the face their final battles with Homura and co.. Her smile then turned into a frown as Ikaruga asked Asuka what's wrong. Asuka explained that while it's nice to see everyone laughing and enjoying themselves, she's wonders what type of justice is she referring to whenever she says "For justice's sake, I will not abide you," before going into battle. She personally believes that it means fighting to protect everyone's happiness. Ikaruga and Hibari agreed. With that said, Asuka told everyone that it's time to go and get their Super-Secret Ninja Scroll back while showing Homura and co. what a good shinobi can do. She then wished everyone good luck and had everyone promise to come back alive. Afterwards, the team separated and went on their own to their opponents.

Crimson Chapter

Naraku Chapter

Kagura Chapter

Deep Crimson Chapter

Final Chapter

Asuka and Homura (Yin and Yang) CG (SK2)


Deep Waist


Vs Yomi - Hipster (SK2)

As the girls gathered around, reiterates about the fact that the city in grave danger while Ikaruga states how kids are hiding, adults are running around naked, and how the city is going to hell at this rate. Hibari started feeling scared going outside now, but Yagyu suggested that she'll hold her hand to help make her feel more calm. Feeling angry, Katsuragi hated how HEBIJO used Explosive Bust Force for evil, causing the world to go crazy. With that said, Asuka was determined to simply take down HEBIJO regardless, which shocked everyone. She understands the situation but she feels that they have a chance at beating HEBIJO. She then started explaining how professor Hanzo crystallized EBF into a new kind of power supply, called Bustnuda-X, which grants the Hanzo group the ability to fly.

Katsuragi understood and stated how she has to prepare herself now. Asuka questioned Katsuragi while Katsuragi explains how she can't let her underclassmen fly out there on their own. As the group decided that they'll all go together, Yomi showed up and saw how cheap their melodrama was, even cheaper than bean sprouts. She then went on by saying how both rich and poor desire milk and how HEBIJO will provide them with such with their breasts. Hibari believed that that doesn't makes sense while Yagyu helped her calm down by saying how Yomi is just speaking gibberish. Yomi then stated how after their titan breasts, there will be titan sprouts, causing small breasts to be obsolete. Ikaruga denied that while Yomi told them to defeat all five of us to prove themselves right.

With that said, the Hanzo group made their move as they went after HEBIJO, starting with Yomi.

Vs Hikage - Hipster (SK2)

After defeating Yomi, Katsuragi asked the others what they think about HEBIJO's way of thinking about titan bust supremacism. Ikaruga believes that it's an unconscionable ideology while Hibari believes that just because you call something "titan" doesn't mean it's better. However Yagyu doesn't mind a titan Hibari. With that said, Asuka decided that they should all stamp out titan bust supremacism. However, Katsuragi started having a bit of doubt about it. She wondered if HEBIJO is really wrong about their ideology. Ikaruga wondered what she meant by that while Katsuragi explains how she can see the attraction of the size and texture of a titan bust. As the others questioned Katsuragi some more, she then stated that it's complicated to explain. She then started going on about how size is justice and how great it is to be big.

Suddenly, Ikaruga slapped Katsuragi to snap her out of it while explaining how all breasts have their values, so they can't be replaced. Katsuragi just remembered that as she started freaking out. Now, Katsuragi's eyes are finally wide open as she apologized for losing sight of what she believed in. She then asked one of them to grab her boobs to prove that she's okay now. Yagyu passed but Hibari started squeezing them, which then had Yagyu telling her to stop. The groping helped Katsuragi feel energized when suddenly, Hikage appeared right before them.

Hikage asked them which is a better deal, a regular dish or a super dish. Asuka answered with super dish but Katsuragi quickly told Asuka to stop what she's doing by hitting her, causing Asuka to snap out of it. She then tried telling Asuka not to fall for Hikage's trick on converting her to titan bust supremacism. Asuka realized that as she thanked Katsuragi. Hikage then told them not to overthink it and asked again. Ikaruga then asked which choice is the simple one while HIbari and Yagyu states how they're fine with the regular size.

Afterwards, Hikage sighed as she finds fighting annoying, so she told them that she'll be waiting for them in the sky. With that said, the Hanzo group began to go after Hikage.

Vs Mirai - Hipster (SK2)

After taking down Hikage, Ikaruga was in deep thought while Hibari asked her what's wrong. She states how it's nothing, but Yagyu can tell she's thinking about something, so she told her to tell them. Ikaruga then told them about how she's worried about her brother, Murasame. At first Katsuragi didn't think that they would transform him into a giant since he's a guy, but then she asked Ikaruga if she's worried about to give him a titan "private". Quickly, Ikaruga denied that as she then wondered what would happen to him if she dies in battle. Katsuragi understood while Yagyu states how Murasame resents Ikaruga in general, but in actuality, he as a serious sister complex. Ikaruga then stated how he abandoned all hope and is now running around nude as they speak.

They then figured that if Ikaruga isn't around to watch over Murasame, it would be a problem. Katsuragi then figured that the real problem is actually Ikaruga herself while explaining how even though Murasame has a sister complex, Ikaruga have a brother complex as well. Feeling shocked and embarrassed, Ikaruga denied the fact, but then she remembered a few moments where it showed. Yagyu then suggested Ikaruga to go home if she's going to be worried about Mursame throughout the battles, causing her to be a burden to the group. Katsuragi agreed when suddenly, Ikaruga burst into tears while Mirai appeared right before them while hearing about the crying and the big bra crap.

Yagyu told Mirai that she misheard the last part while Mirai stopped caring since it didn't matter anymore. She then went on how they're now in the age of the titan bust, while Yagyu replied by stating how Mirai's cup size didn't even change after becoming huge. Asuka followed up by saying how it's neither titanic nor explosive. Right before Hibari followed up by saying how flat it was, Mirai threatened to kill all of them if they continued saying such things while also saying how her cup size will grow eventually and those that disagrees will die.

Yagyu understood but she decided to retort instead. Mirai dared them to try and do so as the Hanzo group went after her.

Vs Homura - Hipster (SK2)

After defeating Mirai, Yagyu started laughing for some reason. The others asked why while Yagyu started feeling empowered by the Bustnuda-X. She then realized that she has to take care of HEBIJO first and then the world. Those who oppose her and the others would be killed. Ikaruga then began to convince Yagyu to step away from the dark side. Suddenly, Yagyu started getting a massive headache while Asuka starts thinking that maybe Yagyu is losing control of herself. Hibari then wondered what they should do to help Yagyu while Ikaruga wondered if the effect of the Bustnuda-X can happen to the rest of them as well. Suddenly, Yagyu noticed how her right eye is aching black and how her tentacles are telling her to defeat them.

Quickly, Asuka begun to sing about breasts, which helped Yagyu come back to her senses. As Yagyu apologized for what she did, Asuka told her that it was alright since the important this, she came back to them while also saying how music can work wonders to a person's heart. Suddenly, Homura appeared before them while singing about meat. She then noticed the Hanzo group and was happy to finally see them. Asuka was surprised to see how much Homura improved with her sonic attack, but Homura didn't understand what she was talking about while also saying how she was just practicing her singing. She then realized how Asuka just told her how she can't sing well, which Asuka admitted.

The blunt response angered Homura as she prepared to go and kill the Hanzo group while also serenading them. She then demanded all of them to come after her. With that said, the Hanzo group went after Homura.

Vs Haruka - Hipster (SK2)

After taking down Homura, they realized that they have one more opponent to fight, which is the mastermind herself. By defeating her, the world will be saved. Suddenly, Haruka showed up beforehand while stating how what they're going to do isn't going to happen. She then realized how angry the Hanzo group look while also realizing how she might have got carried away. Ikaruga then stated how her getting carried away is unforgivable. Haruka sarcastically started feeling scared while realizing that she can't please everyone. Feeling angry, Katsuragi told Haruka how much pain she caused on the Earth. Haruka asked why she asked that even though she was having fun, which is what they said and how that's all that matters. Despite all that's been said, Hibari doesn't believe that Haruka is a bad person. Yagyu questioned what she meant but Hibari believes there's a truth behind what she's trying to do. Katsuragi started noticing it herself.

Katsuragi then figured that what Haruka is trying to do is make a world where everyone doesn't fight over the size of their boobs. Haruka didn't say a word to that statement but Hibari states how it all makes sense if everybody becomes titan bust. However, if everyone becomes one, everyone will lose their charms. Asuka then states that since everyone is different, everyone has their own charms.

Haruka was impressed with how Hibari and the others figured out her true motive, but she still won't listen to those that oppose titan bust supremacism. She then told them defeat her by force in order to stop her. With that said, the Hanzo group went after Haruka for the final battle.

After the fight, Haruka reverted back to normal size. She stated how they were right about boobs being wonderful because they come in different shapes while also admitting that she was wrong about everything. However, Asuka disagreed while Ikaruga explained how boobs can bring peace and prevent war, so they should foster world peace through mutual appreciattion of boobs. Haruka was happy to hear that, but she states how she can't fly anymore as she starts descending to the ground.

Suddenly, Homura caught Haruka right before she shit the ground while saying how she can't have Haruka die because of how important she is to the HEBIJO group. Haruka thanked Homura for saving her while Homura told Asuka that they won't work together with them. She then explained how they'll come up with a new type of titan. Asuka asked what type, leaving Homura to think for a minute, until she decided on titan beef or titan beef stew. Asuka asked again what Homura is planning exactly, but Homura dodged the question by saying how their rivalry continues. With that said, Homura flew off with Haruka.

With the mission finally completed, the Hanzo group flew off to the Hot Springs to relax and enjoy themselves.


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Shinovi Versus

Hanzō National Academy

Chapter 1
It's a new day at Hanzō National Academy. Kiriya told the group to prepare for training. As they got ready, Katsuragi chuckled to herself as she told Asuka how she saw her rubbing herself with a dry cloth through the window. Ikaruga was surprised about Asuka knowing about old fashioned hygeine. Asuka explained how her Grandpa, Hanzō, taught her the method.

Katsuragi thanked Asuka for the demonstration, which caused Asuka to become embarrassed. Hibari states how doing it would prevent you from catching a cold. Liking the thought and getting carried away, Katsuragi suggested Asuka to clean herself like that every single day, to the point of doing it naked. Katsuragi's enthusiasm caused Hibari to get enthusiastic as well, but suddenly, Yagyu showed up in a flash while readying her weapon towards Katsuragi.

She feels that Katsuragi was being reckless for inspiring Hibari to do perverted things like that. As Katsuragi questioned why Yagyu had her weapon out, Yagyu states that she will protect Hibari no matter what. Asuka mentions how both Yagyu and Hibari are like a couple, which caught Yagyu off guard as she slowly process what she just heard in her head. Suddenly Kiriya intervened and ended the conversation while also explaining to the group that they'll be doing basic training for the sake retaining the fundamentals of combat. With that said, the group started their training session.

After the session, Katsuragi states how it was her intention to have her cute juniors work hard. Hibari suggested Katsuragi to help out as much as she can. To start, Katsuragi demonstrated her way of helping by groping breasts. In a flash, Yagyu appears again and readied her weapon towards Katsuragi.

Quickly, Katsuragi tried explaining to Yagyu how it was a joke, but the reason didn't get through to her. She then asked Ikaruga for help, but Ikaruga declined right away and told Katsuragi how she reaped what she sowed. Hibari then intervened and asked Yagyu if she could come with her to eat some sweets. Yagyu agreed and told Katsuragi how lucky she to be able to live another then. Afterwards, both Hibari and Yagyu left.

Sighing in relief, Katsuragi comments on how she'll always commit sexual harassment, even without a head while both Asuka and Ikaruga suggest that the group should always try their best to become a full-fledged shinobi.

Post Shinobi Battle Royale (Hanzo Academy Ending - SV)

Gessen Girl's Academy

Hebijo Clandestine Academy

Homura Crimson Squad

Estival Versus

Festival Eve Full of Swimsuits (Anime OVA)

Main Game

Shinobi Girl's Heart


Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5


Asuka's SGH (EV)


She uses two wakizashi, or short Japanese swords although one sword is slightly longer than the other, in combat. She is quick and nimble on her feet which allows her to move about and catch her enemies off guard with her quick and sharp attacks. Her Ninpo utilizes the power of the earth.

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Aerial Secret Ninja Art

Secret Fusion Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Arts

Other Appearances


New Wave

Related Article: Asuka/New Wave

Asuka appears as a playable character in the mobile card collection game, Senran Kagura: New Wave, alongside the other members of Hanzo Academy.

Bon Appétit


Anime & Books

Ninja Flash!

Skirting Shadows

Guren no Uroboros

Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
Chaos in Bloom Portrait of Girls/Crimson Girls The Opening song of the Hanzo arc portion of the game. It is sung by Asuka (Hitomi Harada), Ikaruga (Asami Imai), Katsuragi (Yu Kobayashi), Yagyu (Kaori Mizuhashi), and Hibari (Yuka Iguchi).
Senran Kagura Burst - Skirting Shadows OP Full Lyr
In the Name of Justice Asuka's theme before transforming.
Senran Kagura Burst - In the Name of Justice (Asuka's Pre theme)
In My Grandpa's Name Asuka's theme after transforming. It also plays when you fight against her. 
Senran Kagura Burst - In My Grandpa's Name (Asuka's Transformed Theme)
Resolution of Bloom Shinovi Versus The opening song for the game. It is sung by Yumi (Yumi Hara) and Asuka (Hitomi Harada).
Resolution of Blooms
Successor of Hanzo Asuka's theme. It also plays when you fight against her.
SK Shinovi Versus - Successor of Hanzo (Asuka's Theme)
Futomaki Ninja Bon Appetit! Asuka's character theme. It plays when going against her in a cooking battle.
Senran Kagura- Bon Appetit - Futomaki Ninja (Asuka)
Beyond the Light and Darkness Deep Crimson The Opening song of the game. It is sung by Asuka (Hitomi Harada), Ikaruga (Asami Imai), Katsuragi (Yu Kobayashi), Yagyu (Kaori Mizuhashi), and Hibari (Yuka Iguchi).
Senran Kagura 2- Deep Crimson - 02 Beyond Light an
The Duty of Good Asuka's theme after transforming.
Senran Kagura 2- Deep Crimson - 03 The Duty of Good (Asuka)
Pride of a good Shinobi The theme that plays whenever you fight one of the Hanzo shinobi.
Senran Kagura 2- Deep Crimson - 08 Pride of a Good
Crimson The ending song for the game. It is sung by Asuka (Hitomi Harada) and Homura (Eri Kitamura).
SUNSHINE FES Estival Versus The opening song for the game. It is sung by Yumi (Yumi Hara) and Asuka (Hitomi Harada).
SUNSHINE FES (Asuka's Version) Asuka's solo version of the opening song.
Grandma's True Motive Asuka's theme after transforming. It also plays when you fight against her.
SK Estival Versus - Grandma's True Motive (Asuka)

Creation & Development


  • Asuka's name means "Flying Bird".
  • Asuka's Shinobi outfit strikely resembles the uniform from the To Love-Ru series
  • In Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round, Kasumi has a DLC costume that is like Asuka's shinovi turnover outfit.


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