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Asuka SK


Senran Kagura 2 Deep Crimson for Asuka

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Asuka BA

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P asuka

Asuka Anime 2

Voiced By Hitomi Harada (Japanese)
Felecia Angelle (English)
Age 17
Gender Female
Birthday September 8th (Virgo)
Blood Type A
Laterality Right
Guardian Toad
Weapon Dual Wakizashi
Personal Details
Faction/School Hanzo (2nd-year)
Hobby Training
Favorite Food Futomaki
Family Hanzo "(Grandfather)"
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Height 155cm (5'1")
Bust 90cm (35")
Cup 67.5F
Bust Volume 1582.3ml
Waist 57cm (22")
Hips 85cm (33")

Asuka (飛鳥) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura videogame series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls. A 2nd-year Hanzo student, Asuka is energetic and willing to work as hard as she can. Her grandfather was apparently a great ninja himself, whose influence contributes to Asuka's earnestness about her shinobi training.

For anime see also Asuka/Anime



Normal Edit

Asuka is a short girl who has her dark brown hair tied in a medium sized ponytail with a white ribbon bow. In her shinobi clothes, she dons a uniform composed of a yellow vest, green plaid skirt, and a white shirt with green tie. Around her neck is a small red bandanna worn like a scarf. She has red armguards on her forearms with bandages underneath, and straps around her waist to hold her two swords. On both legs she wears thigh high socks and brown formal shoes.

Ultimate Mode Edit

Unlike Homura, Yumi, and Miyabi, Asuka does not undergo any significant aesthetic changes. In this mode her hair simply let down out of it's ponytail and is surrounded by a green aura. The length of her blades is also increased by this aura.


Asuka has a joyful and friendly personality and believes in team work, sticking together and friendship. On rare occasions she appears to be gullible or clumsy. She aims to become a powerful ninja like her grandfather causing her to try really hard in training and teachings.

Background Edit

Asuka Backstory 1

Asuka's shinobi heritage comes from her Grandfather Hanzo on her mother's side. Although her mother was a shinobi, her father was not. Originally, her father dreamed and was on the verge of becoming a successful lawyer, however he was charmed by Asuka's mother. Hanzo did not approve of their relationship, and the two constantly fought about it. Asuka's father loved her so much that he was willing to give up his dream of becoming a lawyer, as long as he could be with her.

According to him, he didn't need dreams or money if he could spend his life with her. Hanzo was so moved by his resolve and dedication that he could not bear to refuse his proposal, allowed them to get married and decided to open up a sushi shop with Asuka's father.

When Asuka was growing up, she had a reputation for getting into fights and beating up boys and girls alike, to which Hanzo told her was an independent sword, without a compatible shield.

Asuka Backstory (Anime) 2

At some point, Asuka enlisted in Hanzo National Academy to follow Hanzo's footsteps and to understand the concept of being a sword and a shield.

Asuka Backstory (Anime) 3

During her first year, Asuka had some trouble keeping up with both Katsuragi and Ikaruga due to her clumsy nature, but she managed to push through and reached her second year with average scores.

Story Edit


During this arc of the franchise, Asuka dreamt to be a legendary shinobi like her grandfather. Ever since her talk with Hanzo of the sword-shield pairing, she has aspired to become a full-fledged shinobi, while also learning the meaning of her grandfather's cryptic advice.

Asuka was able to first meet Homura while the Hebijo student raided Hanzo in search of Hanzo Academy's Super Secret Ninja Art Scroll to achieve ultimate power. After their battle, Homura had disgraced and questioned Asuka's "Path of the Shinobi", causing her much to think about.

When all of the girls of Hanzo went out to challenge their Hebijo rivals, Asuka battled Homura once more on the riverbank of the town. However, there was no definite winner. Although, it is implied that Asuka ended up on the short end of the stick. This caused her to train much harder and perfect the Hanzo-Style Full Bloom Art, her strongest in the story.

Asuka fought Homura one more time at the Hebijo stronghold on top of the roof, where Homura's loss of the other Hebijo weighed heavily on her, causing her attacks to be quite uncoordinated and weak. Though through self-motivation and sheer will, Homura invoked the Hebijo Super Secret Ninja Art Scroll, causing her to become Crimson Homura, now fully aware and even more powerful. Asuka and Homura had one more battle, leading to Homura's defeat and the monster Orochi's awakening. Asuka and the other girls fought valiantly against the monster and won, and after a short celebration, witnessed the Hebijo Elite walk off into the sunrise, implying a later appearance and more battles with her newly proclaimed, "strongest friend."




Bon Appetit! Edit



Ninja ArtsEdit

Secret Ninja Arts

Aerial Secret Ninja Art

Secret Fusion Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Arts

Gameplay Edit

She uses two wakizashi, or short Japanese swords although one sword is slightly longer than the other, in combat. She is quick and nimble on her feet which allows her to move about and catch her enemies off guard with her quick and sharp attacks. Her Ninpo utilizes the power of the earth.


Asuka/Shinovi Versus

Asuka/Deep Crimson

Asuka/Estival Versus

Themes Edit

  • In The Name Of Justice
  • In My Grandpa's Name
  • Successor of Hanzo
  • Grandma's True Motive
  • Futomaki Ninja

Trivia Edit

  • Asuka's name means "Flying Bird".
  • Asuka's Shinobi outfit strikely resembles the uniform from the To love ru serie
  • In Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round, Kasumi has a DLC costume that is like Asuka's shinovi turnover outfit.



External links Edit

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